{ Stop Talking in Letterpress }


Saturday night, My friend Leland (a man in my ward who also happens to own two letterpresses and a massively rad industrial paper cutter) and I fired up the letterpress to make some lovely "Stop Talking" cards.

Mostly I made them to silently slip to friends in choice "quiet" places like church or the opera, just becuase it's funny. But man, will they be so handy all those times I will be going to the opera this year. They measure 3.5" x 2.5" x awesome.

Next project: Christmas cards. And a calendar :)

Leland's killer paper cutter -- cuts stacks of paper like butter. SO rad.

Paper cutter closeup with about-to-be-cut stack of paper.

"Stop Talking" plate in the press.

Our "Stop Talking" cards with the inspiration "stop talking" card (upper left) that I got from my roommate Allison a few months ago. The letterpress ones blow their printed counterparts out of the water.


TheRapunzelGirl said...

girl, i'm SO stealing that idea, since there is this guy who will sit next to my hubby in church and talk ALL THROUGH every lesson.


Patricia said...

nicki, these are AMAZING. i love it.

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