{ Pancakes in the mail }


The other day I was talking on the IM with my friend Bryan Potter who lives in New York when he said something like this:

"I made pancakes from scratch for my roommates this morning. They were delicious. Do you want one?"

I, of course, answered yes. And in response, he, of course, sent them. To me. In the mail. Awesome.

As a helpful bit of information, it costs $4.95 to mail two pancakes from Postdam, New York to Provo, Utah in two days. And it just so happens that they are still delicious after the journey. Mmmm..mmm...mmm. Pancakes in the mail. Can't beat that.


MegRuth said...

This cracks me up!

54 canoe said...

Glad you got yer pics back. Our computer is getting up there in age so we recently got a 250 gig drive to backup all our important stuff. It's piece of mind.

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