{ Pictures long forgotten }


Once upon a time I had a lame Gateway PC laptop that, while it served me well for at least six years (and I am very grateful you bought it for me, mom), decided to crash one winter day in late 2006. With it's crash, it obliterated years of photos (No, I did not have them backed up on any other source, thank you for asking). Gonner photos included pictures from a trip to Europe, all my digital prints of a friend of mine who passed away, and lots of other fun memories that would have been long forgotten if not for my RAD FRIEND JOHN CHO who took a few hours a couple Saturdays ago to retrieve them from my brokeny computer. Oh. My. Fantastic. I love that 1. There are people out there who know how to do things like that and, 2. I know at least one of them.

I took some time out to look through the pictures the other day, and was even more thankful to have them back after re-discovering some gems that had sadly slipped my mind. Here are some of the highlights (along with the photo at the top of the post of me and Mr. Matt Cobabe riding his scooter 3 summers ago -- he definitely had just purchased those scooter goggles off ebay):

NOTE: pictures are now safely saved on my Mac. Still no backup versions. I should probably look into that.

Playing with the pigeons in St. Mark's Square in Venice.

Handsome dog in Florence.

Handsome Nicki in Florence.

Nicki and Lindsey breaking the rules in an Italian train station.

Old woman in a suit riding a bike in Rome.

Between buildings in Venice.

Bike riding at the Palace of Versailles.

Abbey Road in Florence.

The cutest dog in Paris -- taken outside a subway station near Notre Dame.

Golden Gate Bridge in 2002 -- taken on a drive back from a backpacking trip with my brother, Andy.

Favorite picture of me and aforementioned brother, Andy. Taken at our family reunion 3 years ago.

Dancing with my mom in my brother's living room in Seattle.

Me in front of the house I grew up in.

Katy with her icicle bicycle.

Katy and Amy on a summer ride with their non-icicle bicycles.

Nicki and Brian as dinosaurs. With red eyes.


Club Narwhal said...

yeay john cho! he is my new hero! i love old photos. i'm so glad you got yours back.

Stevens Family said...

I have moved 3 times with 3 old computers... there are pictures of the kids on there that aren't anywhere else (we first got a digital camera and haven't even made prints of most of them). We won't even need someone smart to remove them, we've just been lazy and have moved the comptuers instead of taking time to pull off the old information. Silly us. :) But good for you!!!!

The Meesh said...

Dearest Nicki Face,
I'm not sure if you know or not, but I happen to work for an online backup company. I might even be able to get you a coupon for a discount on our beloved service.

Just saying...


Patricia said...

I'm so excited for you!!! I remember when you lost those photos. So sad. But now so happy!

kidfropro said...

I'm glad I have my ways so that your ways can be shared with other people.

Mattcobabe said...

Nicki- I am honored to top off the forgotten picture parade. I still remember how awesome that day was. I need to get Optimus running again. Also, with a Mac it is super easy to back up your computer. You just need an external hard drive. Talk to you soon!

justin hileman said...

You gotta rock the Mozy. It's cheap and easy enough that you can't afford *not* to use it.

54 canoe said...

I posted in the wrong place... see my comment under the pancake post.

Anonymous said...

Presh. I miss you.

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