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No super cool adventures involving pictures lately, but I did have a charming conversation with my dad (pictured above) last Sunday that I wanted to share.

I called him around 6pm to wish my dad a Happy 73rd Birthday, and after briefly conversing about the affects aging is having on his body, my dad and I discussed his birthday dinner my mom had cooked him.

"We're having prime rib," he said. "And baked asparagus."

"Ummm...delicious, Dad! Nice choice." I responded. Then, since I had never baked asparagus, I asked him how my mom had made it.

"Oh well...you heat up the oven to about 350, then you put some asparagus in a dish and sprinkle it with a little bitt of EVOO and then...(something something something)"

EVOO. Oh. My. Rachel Ray. I love it. Adorable dad.


In other news, the elderly woman I visit with on Sundays (Rita) has recently been requesting that I paint her fingernails yellow. Not an easy order to fill. But! Awesomely, I found some yellow nail polish at Urban Outfitters on Saturday while shopping with Nate. So great. I decided to try it out yesterday for a test run, and it turned out to be the same color as corn. Which, surprisingly, is kind of awesome. (see below)



The R.O.C. said...

I can't believe you still visit Rita. You are awesome!!!!!!

Megan said...

Wow! That looks JUST like corn! It looks like you have corn kernels glued to your fingernails! And DITTO on the fact that you are so awesome for continuing to visit Rita!

54 canoe said...
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54 canoe said...

Oh Fetch! I forgot to call dad on his birthday. This is a good example of why you're the favorite kid.

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