keys + iphone + pocket + bump = small calamity

I was at Carrabba's last night celebrating Mike's birthday, and this happened.

Main lesson gleaned from the night: Don't leave keys and an iphone in the same pocket of a jacket, and then subsequently leave said jacket on the back of a chair in a susceptible, waiter-traveling traffic area. OK. Lesson learned.

Highlight of the night: my soup got comped (no relation to the iphone tragedy, total relation to my knowing the waiter and the soup only costing $3.50).



The day after my phone broke, I got a replacement for no less than $50! The steal of a deal came from the same boss who wrote me the e-mail about Nicki Smith. I think this makes up for the mistake. And, even better, I am now a proficient iphone unlock and jailbreaking genius (thanks to the genius and publishing of others -- thanks iphone dev team). So all is well in the iphone world.


54 canoe said...

at least you have your health.

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