{ Creation Ingenuity }

I came across this image this morning by ian francis and subsequently fell in love with it. It seems a bit morose at first glance, but for some reason, I just love it.

I guess I can't quite control what exactly my heart falls for, but I think I can pinpoint my affection for this painting into the fact that it expresses so much of something I could never think up in a million years. So often I find myself looking at other people's stuff and thinking "If I thought long enough, and created enough, I could come up with that." And while I still appreciate things like that, and I'm inspired by things like that, it's things like this that take the cake. Simply because it would take me a long long long time, if ever, to #1 develop the skills to produce something like this and then #2 actually come up with the thought to create something like this.

note: be warned, some of the paintings on his gallery site do contain illustrated women wearing very little clothing.


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