{ Vinegar = miracle worker }


When me and Katy first moved into the condo last year, I bought an eco-friendly soap thinking I was doing a good thing. But let me tell you, I was DEAD WRONG. Since then our dishes have come out of the dishwasher, without fail, with a gross white film on them. Disgusting. I'm sure it's sanitary, it's just totally unsightly and kind of embarrassing.

So...enough was enough. This week I pulled out the vinegar and de-grimed our dishes (in honor of our soap running out and Katy buying a newer, better kind of non-eco friendly soap that won't leave our dishes disgusting). Vinegar is heaven-sent. Who knew my mom was so right when she told me (months ago) that I needed to run my dishwasher with vinegar only to get rid of the grime. Smart smart mom.

I did it by hand this time though, then cleaned the dishes (also by hand) with soapy water. Totally worth the work. SO SO nice to have sparkly dishes again.

*NOTE: I know it's sort of ridiculous I didn't do this, say, right when the spots started showing up last summer. Ridiculous that I didn't just go spend $5 on new dishwasher soap to remedy the problem months ago. But. You know. Sometimes people are just illogical when it comes to spending an unnecessary $5 even when it will bring them SO MUCH HAPPINESS.


54 canoe said...

I'm all for "eco" but often the "eco" choice isn't the best choice.

On a similar note: I had a small scale disagreement/argument this morning with a mom at playgroup about family farms. My point being that its better to specialize and have food production centralized rather than every family to have a farm. She just wanted to raise her kids on a farm... which is fine, but don't do it in the name of saving the world 'cause it won't.

Nicki said...

you sing it, dude. sing it.

TheRapunzelGirl said...

i'm with you on the "smart smart mom" comment. the older i get, the smarter my mom becomes. it's pretty amazing. :)

Lauren Parks said...

I really like your picture Demo - it really gets the point across! LOL

Yay for Vinegar!! It's what I clean my floors with and its safe for my little puppy and no streaks!! all you do is dilute with water.

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