{ Today's Blog Bests }

These three photos took the cake today while I was browsing various blogs. Here are my reasons:

Photo on left: I like how the couple's noses and lips are a bit smooshed by the kiss; I think it makes it easy to tell that they are really enjoying it. Found here.

Photo in middle: When I first saw this photo, I thought "old people can be so funny looking." Which is cool, but really not the point of the photo. After a few more seconds of thought, I found myself charmed. The point of the image is that the people in the photo used to be just like the people in the photo on the left; aka, young. And in love. And now they are old. And in love. Which is really quite tender and unfortunately kind of disappearing in our world. I can only hope to have a cute little companion when I am that old who loves me as much as this man seems to love this woman, even though we'll more than likely be funny looking. Found here.

Photo on left: I'm not sure this photo needs any explanation as to why it made the cut. Make sure to click to look at it big; it's worth it. Found here.


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