The Birthday


This year was pretty stellar as far as birthdays go.

I heard from and spent time with amazing people. Got tons of birthday wishes. Got out of work of work early. Had a great dessert party, complete with a superlatively rad rainbow birthday cake (+pani popo, lemon cupcakes, cream puffs, cake balls and muffins). Lit my hair on fire on my birthday candles. And I didn't have to do the dishes after everyone left (man Tyler = BABE). Really, it was just a great day. How can you not love spending a whole day with people you love? Who are celebrating you being born? Honestly.


The rainbow cake, made by Katy, Angela and Joe.


The lovely Angela Tam.


Katy cutting said rad rainbow cake.

Me catching my hair on fire.




And the/my amazing man who did the dishes after the day was done, Tyler Clark. What a babe.

NOTE: Thank you Anna Nagel for supplying a majority of the photos in this post.


Mary Gunson said...

Happy, happy late birthday! Hair on fire is going to make it a birthday to remember! So glad that was caught on camera. You're great, Miss Nicki, and wish we could have been there. Love you tons.

jenny said...

Why yes, I will read your blog forever and always. I can't believe your hair caught on fire! I am glad you lived to post this amazing post.

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