my evening

Ty is out of town this week (I took him to the airport yesterday afternoon), so today at work I made myself a list of stuff I was going to do tonight during normal Nicki-Ty time.

The original, obviously short, list for tonight went like this:
1. Get lower-clothes-bar rack for closet from Ross.
2. Send client #1 his updated logos.
3. Work on client #2's brochure.

And this is how my evening really went down:
1. Decide I don't need the lower clothes bar, totally forgo Ross, and fantasize on the way home about cleaning out the shelves in the closet instead (I am definitely a girl who loves dejunking and cleaning).
2. Go to Home Depot on my way home from work and purchase the dark blue paint I have decided is perfect for my bathroom walls (as pictured above -- you better believe that blue is gonna look great. Before and afters to come). Also purchase extra paint rollers.
3. Discover that the patio couch cover I ordered arrived today and has been waiting for me on my porch all afternoon. Take cover inside and unwrap. Replace all the patio couch cushions on the patio couch after removing them from the dining room floor when they have been keeping dry all this rainy day. Cover patio couch with perfectly-fitting patio couch cover. Feel accomplished.
4. Video chat with Angela while trying on recently purchased sandals and deciding they need to be sent back because that t-strap section is just not working for me (yay for free mail returns!).
5. Gchat with Ty briefly.
6. Go bowling for Family Home Evening with my neighbors. Score a 78. Feel good about said score.
7. Go out to frozen yogurt with my ridiculously funny carmates on the way home from Family Home Evening rather than rushing home to do necessary design work for the evening. Put two scoops of mochi on my California tart frozen yogurt. (NOTE: This was a much better choice than rushing home to do the aforementioned design work.)
8. Get home. Do client #1's logo refinements and send them off.
9. Talk with Ty on the phone and subsequently gchat for another 30 seconds while sending him the logos to take a look at.
10. Do a majority of design work on client #2's brochure and send her an e-mail update of the brochure's current standing and inform her of its imminent completion tomorrow.
11. Gchat with Anna about her lovely day for a few minutes.

Kinda different than expected, right? And definitely way better/fuller/better. And that's a wrap. I'm headed to bed. Goodnight all.


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