Thailand & Gratitude

Today I am swooningly jealous over this woman's trip to Thailand. The temples. The food. The cooking classes. The beaches. It all looks so amazing it has me craving a trip of my own. One thing the author mentions in her trip log is how grateful she is to have been able to spend two straight weeks with her husband; in fact, she sites it as her favorite part about the trip. And it got me thinking about just how fortunate Ty and I really are. I see my husband all the time. We work a total of 3 miles apart so we carpool daily. We spend our evenings together. We go out at least once a week. And I absolutely love it. I mean, he's my best friend; what's not to love about spending all my time with him? And her little expression of gratitude made me remember just how grateful I am that, despite busy schedules, my husband and I still get to spend a good part of every single day together. So blessed.


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