Life is too fun

In fact, it's SO much fun that I haven't been posting as of late. I'm sorry. The last few months have been a whirl of fun. According to my phone and camera photos (since my memory fails me in these kinds of matters), they have included the following: a Civil Wars concert (which I won the tickets to!), teaching Hank how to swim, running Ragnar, sitting sideline at the REAL vs. Galaxy (oh hello David Beckham in my face), being the assistant camp director at my stake's girls camp, playing my first 3 golf games ever, having one of the best 4th of July's of my life, taking our first camping trip of the summer, going to Denver for a work trip (and staying at the Ritz Carlton -- booyah!) sleeping in a tepee and road tripping to Canada for Ty's family reunion (which is the same trip where our Subaru engine decided to blow up). Whew. SEE HIGHLIGHT PHOTOS ABOVE

So I sit here at my computer and think "How am I supposed to blog about all those things!?!" And I think the answer is, I am not. I cannot. Instead I will just choose one or two to go into detail, but that is it (posts to come). But just know we Clark's are making the most of this summer, and life is treating us pretty amazingly. I swear, we have to be some of the most blessed people on the planet. Do we have problems? Sure! Do we suffer from the everyday annoyances of life? You bet. Do we have freak, unexpected tragedies come our way? Mmmhm. But seriously, we always feel so taken care of. We have amazing family. The cutest dog ever. Incredible friends (that includes all of you reading this -- sidenote, we really love you). Great health. Adventures-a-plenty. And we can still afford to feed ourselves. I don't think we can ask for more.


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