It's a little late in the posting, but I am here to write about Ragnar. Let me start by clarifying that I AM NO RUNNER, friends. But, I was part of WCF's team of 12 doing the Wasatch Back Ragnar (there are a bunch of other Ragnar races across the US), and the long and short of it is there are 12 runners per team, split into 2 vans, that run a 197-mile relay within about 40 hours for the slowest of slow-poke teams. We finished in 34 hours.

I am happy to say that I, Nicki Clark, had the shortest total running distance out of all the runners -- 11.6 miles, comprised of two 4-mile runs and a 3.6-mile run uphill at night (by far one of the coolest things I've done). And let me just say, you might think running 11.6 miles+ on little sleep while being fueled by mini candy bars would be tough. But it's not. It's amazing. And I can't wait to do it all again next year. And I tell you what, next year I want to actually be able to pass people on my legs who are running rather than just walking. Love me some Ragnar. Fingers crossed I will be dilligent about my training his next year.


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