A new 2013 resolution

A couple weeks ago, I was celebrating New Years and making New Years resolutions just like the rest of the world, and I came up with three things I would like to do in the new year.

1. Take Hank on at least one long walk every day (except when I am sick)
2. Eat a more plant-based diet.
3. Attend the temple at least once each month.

And there you have it. I thought they were pretty good, manageable goals. The kind of goals that will just make life a little bit nicer, don't you think? But today, friends, today I decided to make one more goal. One that will stretch this little lady just a bit (cause who doesn't need a little bit of stretching now and again). And it is, drummmm roll pleeeeeaaaase....

4. Attempt to make French macarons at least once this year.

Now, let me just say, I used to get really jazzed on macarons. For a while there a couple years back, they were A#1 my thing. My jive. I would make special trips to Salt Lake just to grab some from Gourmandise. And we even had them at our wedding. But that all said, they haven't been all that exciting to me as of late. Often when I buy them they seem over priced and not very well made. They just don't pack the dessert punch that they used to. And, if we are being honest, I just don't really like them anymore.

So why on earth would I want to make them now you ask? Well, I'll tell you. French macarons are notoriously difficult little treats to master (in case you haven't heard). And I think successfully making those finicky little cookies on my own could prove to be quite the rewarding feat for my non-master-baker self. Plus, I think it may just bring a redemption for those little morsels if I can make this happen. And thirdly, I think taking on a real challenge in the kitchen is something I should do at least once a year. I mean, am I right or am I right. And worse comes to worse, I make those fantastic little cookies, still don't love them like I used to, and I just give them away to people I love. I mean really, a bad idea? I think not. And, in case you want to join me, these three blogs seem to be the best of the best in info sourcing. So here we go friends. 2013 -- the year of the macaron (even if I am a bit slow to get on the boat).



Angela Stevenson said...

next time we chat we can talk about macarons! my old roomie got really good at them...

Laura Read said...

I've had that on my list of things I want to try too. Let's do it together! We can, because I live here now!!!!

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