A Portland Christmas

Ty and I headed to Portland for Christmas again this year. This was our second Christmas with the Clark family, and I just love it every time. Thankfully, I find I am less cold with each visit too (I swear, something about that humidity just gets me). Plus, coming back to Utah only to be greeted with icicles on our car door handles also helped me put into perspective the coldness of Portland. Needless to say, the holiday was wet (as is to be expected), not as cold as anticipated, and oh so much fun.

You know what I think I love most about holiday time? Game time with family. I just don't think you can beat game time; everyone just huddled around a table, bound to be full of lots of laughing and smiles. And I think it appeals to my slightly, but not overly competitive side. It never fails to be a part of my fondest memories each trip. So random, I know, but I'm telling you I am a game loving girl.

Other trip happenings (besides game time) included a hike to Multnomah falls, biking around the city with my brother and his family, visiting the Japanese Garden, strolling through the (albeit unblooming) delightful Rose Garden, a day-trip to the coast, and last-minute Christmas shopping all over the place. Our trips also always seem to involve the boys running away from the ocean too (as demonstrated by Ty up there as he was trying to get a photo of the water crashing against the shipwreck on the beach, also pictured up there).

This was also Ty and I's first year doing stockings for each other. I honestly think that besides the beautiful stackable rings Ty got me to wear along with my wedding band, my stocking was my favorite part of my Christmas. Honestly. I have no idea why they are so much fun, but they just ARE. It's a Clark-side-of-the-family thing, so I have them to thank for my new-born love (note to all those curious people out there who may think we are scrooges, we Schmidt's did stockings all growing up too, but the tradition has been gone for the last 10 years or so.) I think next year Ty and I should limit our gift giving to one gift and a stocking. That's it. And I'm pretty sure I would be a pleased as peach pie with that; I'll have to discuss with Ty. In the mean time, I want to make us some matching stockings this year (thanks Monica for Ty's childhood stocking! we absolutely love that one too); perhaps something like this all pretty-fabriced and hand-stitch finished (c/o James over at Bluebird Vintage)


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