Possibly my last meal

This afternoon, I cooked up an eggs dish that included diced pieces of the honey baked ham Ty and I got for our little Christmas party we threw on December 15th; that was approximately 3.5 weeks ago. I had left the ham sitting in the fridge as we left to celebrate the holidays in Portland, and when I leerily pulled it out of the fridge today it passed the sight, smell and feel test. Smelled normal, no sourness at all. Felt completely non-slimey. And tasted just like it should (maybe minus a little bit of flavor) when I ventured a bite. I like the idea of trusting my senses rather than going by some stupid date printed on the packaging (I mean, come on, have we not all had milk last longer and shorter than indicated on the label?). We will see how our tummies feel over the next 24 hours. If we don't die, we will chalk up one for following our noses.


Monica said...

Ham should be totally fine. It is cured and the pioneers kept it for months.

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