Happy weekend!

Maybe it was the long weekend that extended into this week, or maybe time is just flying now a days, but I can't believe it's Friday already. I swear this week barely existed at all. We're expecting quite a bit of snow in these parts over the next few days, but Ty and I are still planning to venture out this weekend to see Life of Pi (we have both read the book, so we are anxious to see how the film lives up -- and ends! oh my goodness, what will they do with that?) as well as spend some time with my sister while she is in town; we are envisioning a trip to IKEA, a lunch out and a stellar trip to the still-fairly-new Trader Joe's. What do you think? Sound like a good weekend? I think so too. I love me a good bum around town and watching movies weekend.

And now here are a few links to kick off your weekend.

I think this non-traditional wedding dress is a bit stunning. What do you think?
Could you eat this much frosting?
I want to paint the insides of the front and garage doors this color.
I want to rid myself of bookshelves in the guest bedroom and store the books on the upper ledge instead. And I think these inexpensive storage baskets are just the ticket.
Ty needs to build us a couple of these for us.
Garance gives me inspiration for wearing my man shoes in the spring.


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