Valentines + Happy weekend

Yesterday was probably my favorite Valentine's day of my life. But you wanna know the funny thing? The only real difference between this Valentine's day and all the other adult Valentine's days of my life was how much effort I put into it. Funny huh? I put up that sweet little sign for Ty to see when he got up in the morning. I made stuffed french toast, as predicted here (p.s. it was surprisingly easy and ridiculously delicious. totally do it). And I got Ty a schmoopey card to open after dinner, which is actually the only effort I usually put forth. But with all this sign hanging and breakfast making, I was already having the best Valentine's day of my life by 9:00 a.m! Flipping fantastic.

For our evening events, Ty was on campus taking a test until late, so we headed over to Smashburger for some tasty, you-don't-have-to-wait-an-hour-for-a-table eats (I wore one of the necklaces Ty made me last year). And then when we got back home, Ty surprised me with these Jcrew pajamas that I have been lusting after! Is he the best or is he the best? Hope your holiday was great too!

Here are a few links for your extra long weekend!
Ty and I added this place in Norway to our vacation destinations today.
We also want to see here and here.
How to brew cold herbal tea.
Such a sweet family keepsake.
I want to make these.
I think this may be my next knitting project.


Club Narwhal said...

I love your word banner. So cute! Warren was playing church ball so we indulged in a bucket of KFC. Kind of gross and kind of awesome :)

I'm going to need to learn how to knit, just to make those hedgehogs!

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