Alt J recap

I feel like Ty and I have been going to a ton of shows lately. The actual count is 3. We have been to 3 shows in the last 4 weeks (Sigur Ros, Joshua James and Alt J). Which I admit isn't a ton, but almost 1 a week is WAY more than I am used to.

We went to Alt J on Monday night, and while we were there I just kept thinking "this sounds just like the CD!" But in all actuality, it didn't. Playing the CD on the way home confirmed that it isn't the same at all. The show rocked hard, and a CD never shakes your insides like the base live. I even found myself inadvertently dancing to a few songs during the show. If you don't know Alt J, this is one of my favorites if you want to give it a listen. He gets that crazy guitar sound by tapping a roll of electrical tape on the strings.

PS - that picture up there is what you get when you take a photo under one of the lights along the outer edge of the show venue.


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