Happy weekend

Hi everyone. I'm really excited for this weekend because #1 -- it's starting with a hike tonight with Ty and Hank (a woohoo outdoors!), and #2 -- I am co-throwing a party for my soon-to-be-married amazing friend, Katy! Then Ty and I are hoping to make a tasty salmon dinner on Sunday and cross our fingers for sunny weather so we can eat it on the porch. So we've got a little bit of everything in there. I hope you all have great things planned too. Here are a few links to start it all off with a bang.

I am unsuccessfully trying to convince Ty that we need this bed.
If I had a larger laundry room, I would definitely put these drying racks up.
Sneak kisses are my favorite kind of kisses.
A friend made this bread the other day, and it was divine.
That's a powerful rainbow.
Is it disgusting that I kind of want to make this cake?
For the person who's serious about seriously slimming their wardrobe.
So in love with these sunglasses.

PS -- Don't forget today is the last day for Free National Parks week!
PPS -- Jcrew outlets are having their 50% off everything in the store again this weekend.


Angela said...

Wish I could be there for the party!!!

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