Happy weekend

Hi, Friday! So good to see you. Am I right or am I right  friends? This weekend should prove to be a really good one. Tonight Ty and I are heading to our favorite $3 theater to see Jack Reacher. Sunny, warm weather will greet us tomorrow. My sister and her husband are in town, so there is some market shopping in the plans (while the boys take a nice long bike ride). Then a big group lunch on Saturday. I hope you all have some fun things planned too! Or nothing at all, cause really, aren't those weekends the best?

I am kind of in love with this swimsuit.
And I love this coverup.
Now that's a fall.
Broccoli bouquet.
I want to start eating more vegetarian.
Pure beauty. And don't you just wanna rub his nose?
Who knew that butter commercial could be this? Such great marketing.
Just ordered these shower curtains that I have been lusting after for a couple years now (woohoo for sales!)



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