Sigur Ros recap

Hello! We are back from our weekend in Colorado. And what a wonderful weekend it was. When we usually visit family, I feel like we all have to be doing the same thing at the same time -- all 3 siblings and their kids and my parents. But not this weekend. This weekend, I woke up the morning after we arrived, and instead of some huge family breakfast I just made breakfast leisurely with my mom her kitchen. Then Ty, Lance and I hit up a local hiking spot with my niece (just the four of us and Hank). Followed by us heading down to Denver for the show (amazing, PS). Then Sunday we did have a big get together breakfast, but it was pleasant and nice and the only thing I think anyone felt necessary to do all together. It was such a treat just to go to Colorado and relax and get one-on-one time with my parents and niece. We need to make more trips like that; there's just something about feeling relaxed while you are on vacation, you know?

As for the show, you guys, SO worth it. Sigur Ros shows are a visual and audio spectacular. And is it weird that I cried when they played my favorite song? No? Okay good. I didn't think that made me a weirdo either. But seriously, I just couldn't help it. It just made me so...glad? Happy? Grateful? I'm not quite sure what exactly, but it definitely called for tears. I posted my favorite song of the night right up there. And here was my second. This one was Ty's favorite. How were your guys' weekends?


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