Happy weekend

Hey everyone! This week honestly flew for us over here in the Clark house. You too? Ty has been feverishly studying and working and staying up all hours of the night to complete everything he needs to for his job and his two midterms this week (he's honestly superman, you guys). And work and play have kept me sufficiently busy that I am amazed the week's end is here already. After one more final tonight (happy thoughts) Ty is out of the fire, and we are heading to a local baseball game with some friends. Then tomorrow I am attending a clothing swap in our neighborhood and the rest of the day is allotted for cleaning and lounging and sleeping (for my stellar, sleep-deprived husband). I hope you guys have great plans to enjoy in this lovely summer that we've happened upon lately. Here are a few links to kick it all off.

Oh hi, little guy.
A cloud cookie would make anyone's day better. And this pig cuts cookie cutter makes me laugh.
Such a beautiful house plant.
My two lust afters at Madewell.
Have you seen this 1939 Jay-Z doppelgänger?
I am in love with the message on this toothpaste.
Animal eyes super duper closeup -- the Lama is my favorite.


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