Happy weekend

Hey everyone. Happy weekend! Can you believe it's Friday already? I think that whole New Years holiday really made this week tip top. I could do that every week -- two days on, one day off, two days on, two days off. It just makes the whole week a whole lot better.

But moving on. Let's start this week off with a confession: my husband has a better sense for fashion than I do. If he dressed me every day, I would end up looking classy, smooth and refined. But when I dress myself every day, without any influence from him, I often end up looking like a bag lady. So, if you ever have an interview or important date and you need some clothes advice, you should give my husband a call.

This weekend we have a whole lot of nothing planned. The Clark household isn't 100% healthy right now, and Ty especially has been in and out of health the last week or so. So sleep is probably the best thing we could have going on. And, per the usual, I will likely take Hank on a hike, so he doesn't go puppy crazy. And with all this resting going on, I may just start knitting me a matching beanie like Ty's with our wool yarn we snagged in Iceland. Hope you all have something great planned! Here are some links to start it off.

This wintery breakfast sounds fantastic.
An adorable pangolin.
True that.
What singlehood teaches you.
Want to try this "no makeup" makeup.
I would name him Pointer.
Also too cute to handle.
Great design.
Making this for dinner this weekend.
Cute ripped jeans.
A great New Years resolution.



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