Happy New Year!

I just accidentally stuck my finger in my eye. It didn't hurt as much as expected, but I thought it was noteworthy enough to share. And that up there is how Hank chose to sleep this afternoon.

2013 has been a good year for us Clarks. I always feel at a loss when people ask what's new with us. "Ummm...nothing?" is usually what I come up with. But looking back on the year, it has been filled with lots and lots of good. I ran Ragnar. I hosted a summer camp for the youth girls at my church. I designed a children's book. Hank turned 2 (only 1 more year of puppyhood!). Ty finished a whole nother year (I've always loved that grammatically incorrect phrase) of school -- only two more years to go; good work, sweetie. We visited Hawaii, and I saw sea turtles for the first time. Portland became more of a home away from home for me. My best friend got married. I learned to say no to freelance work I didn't want to do. Running and hiking got easier on my lungs. I excelled at work. Learned to cable knit. Made biscuits for the first time. And became much more comfortable in the kitchen. And overall I feel like a better person than I was last year. Happier. More able to be kind. More aware of my small little part in making this world a better place. And more comfortable and capable-feeling in my skin than I have ever been before.

The other day in the car ride home, I jotted down some new years goals. They aren't exactly measurable, but I have been focusing on aligning my actions with my beliefs lately, so I tried hard to make my goals match. Here we go:

1. Share my faith and beliefs more
2. Study the scriptures
3. Live with less -- buy less clothes & goods
4. Eat meat sparingly, and only eat ethically treated and killed animals/animal products
5. Run 3 times a week
6. Write a journal entry at least once a week

So here's to 2014! It's gonna be a goodie.


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