It's so cold

Maybe it's just the Januarys talking, but I am freezing. all. the. time. All I can dream about lately are these cashmere sweats and this hot carmel apple cider. forever. Honestly, how heavenly do cashmere sweats sound? They are the price of a large area rug, but something tells me they are worth every single penny. And as I slipped my freezing little icicle legs into them, I'm pretty sure all my worries would vanish. And world peace would happen. Cause honestly.

Once upon a time while I was in college, I wanted to get my hair done but I had no money, so I decided to sell some plasma. It was a brilliant idea. I drove myself to the plasma center, got all tested and hooked up to their fancy blood cycling machine, and then I promptly passed out. Two words -- light weight. So. I'm thinking I might need to come up with a better plan this time to get me those pants. Cause if anything is gonna get me through this winter, it's cashmere. And apple cider.


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