Zion: Observation Point and the Narrows

While we were in Zion this last weekend, my friend posed the question of what our favorite National Park was. I haven't been to many, so I felt too inadequate to answer. But I will tell you this. I love Zion. It's beautiful, even at first glance. And as you work for the views, it is SO GOOD. So so good, friends. Maybe it's just me, but red rock seriously blows my socks off.

Observation Point was a first for me this trip. At 4 miles each way, winding its way to the tippy top mesas in the park, it was no picnic. But man, was it breathtaking. Slotty canyons. Grand overlooks. Craggy chasms. It had it all. And it feels good to work hard for something like that. Like, real good. Like, great. Don't you think? Hard work just sits happy deep down in your bones. And when your head hits the pillow at night, you feel like you've really earned it. "Great work, self," you think while you doze off to dream land. And even your less than graceful movements the next day make you feel like a champion. That's Observation Point.

We also hit up Canyon Overlook trail this time. I kid you not when I say it is the best 1-mile, 15-minute hike of your life. It's the view pictured at the top of this post. Go ahead and scroll up and meet me back here... See? I know, right?

The Narrows, as always, was amazing. Albeit pretty stinking freezing (hello 40 degree water!). But there is something completely novel about hiking waist deep in the wet while staying dry as a bone from your ankles up. If you get the chance to drysuit the Narrows in the winter, I say go for it. But be sure to remember your warmest warmest gloves. And a beanie. Those are very important.


Amy Lee Scott said...

I seriously can't believe that I've never been to Zion's (besides driving through) and your photos are making me kick myself. I guess it's just yet another excuse to make a future Utah road trip!

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