{ The palette match & handwriting twin}

Me and Mike don't match exact outfits today, but our twin palette was random enough to make note of.
Palette: Brown, black, blue and red. Mike's watch looks kind of orangey in the photo, but believe you me, it's red.

Also noteworthy: the other day I was walking around Gardener's Village with my friend Sue when I spotted a "No Strollers Please" sign in the window of a yarn shop.

At first I swore I must have written the sign but just couldn't remember doing it. "Maybe they found it on the floor or something" I thought. But when I asked where they got the sign, the shop keeper told me her daughter had written it. Crazy. See the resemblance below.

The sign from the shop is on top, and below I wrote the same phrase, in my normal handwriting, on my notepad at work. How crazy is that? If either I or that girl ever need an uncannily close handwriting double, we know where to go. Well...at least I do.


Dastrup Family said...

Is that man married? If not, YOU ARE MISSING ALL THE SIGNS!

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