{ Up to letterpressing }

I finally got some pressing done a couple nights ago, and I LOVE IT! Such a great idea to get into it. Such a great idea.

I pressed the lettering for some wedding invites, and with only a few minor hiccups, they turned out great. Hiccup #1 -- my press was a little too weenie for the hard paper the bride had given me for the invites so ... I rented some time on my friend Lee's Vandercook letterpress (such an incredibly fun press to work on. I may need to purchase one of these in the near future) to get the heavy-duty job done. And hiccup #2 -- the ink I ordered was supposed to be a pretty, chocolatey brown, but came in as a so-dark-brown-it-is-almost-black color, so I learned to mix my own ink too (thanks again to Lee at Rowley Press). I don't have any fun photos of the actual pressing process, but I'll post what I have.

4.5 parts yellow, 3.5 parts red, 3 parts black, 11 parts white, and some added black and yellow to sight = Pantone 4635.

After Lee putting all the ink down, I mixed it up, which took a surprisingly long time to get a good, streakless mix.

And the final product.

So so great.

Coming soon: Erin and James' letterpressed wedding Invitations. I'm in the design process now, fiddling around with yellows, grays and patterns. Final product postable in a couple weeks. And hopefully I will get to photograph them with something a little more profesh than my iphone.


Angela said...

nick! that looks so so so so so so good! i can't get over it.
nope. i can't.

Susan said...

wow, i want to learn how to do that. can you teach me? and btw, they turned out amazing.

annie said...

do me?

Jess Oveson said...

you are so talented nickischmidt!

The Storrs said...

nickischmidt you are more amazing every day!

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